How hungry are you?


Rib eye £17
9 Oz marinated RIb eye steak with cherry tomato, cress & peppercorn sauce

Sirloin £19
8 Oz Grilled premium steak with cherry tomato, cress & peppercorn sauce

Chicken Steak £12
Organic corn fed chicken breast with grilled courgette and wild mushroom sauce


Lamb chops £12
Grilled marinated lamb chops with broccoli and Asparagus

Adana Kebab £11
Turkish Lamb kebab with rice, salad and homemade sauce.

Chicken Tawook £10
Succulent chicken cubes with rice, salad and homemade sauce

Boneless whole chicken £12 Half £8
Cajun style grilled chicken with salad

Meat platter M: £23 XL: £50
Adana kebab, chicken tawook, lamb chops, Bbq wings with Mix salad


Basrah special with chips £10
Homemade fresh beef burger with dijon mayo and chilli jam.

Grilled Chicken fillet with chips £10
Grilled butterfly chicken breast with garlic mayo and relish sauce

Fried Chicken Burger £9
Breaded and fried chicken fillet with relish sauce

Veggie Lover £9
Quinao, Beetroot and red pepper burger with grilled halloumi


Salmon £12
Maple glazed salmon with grilled broccoli and walnut butter sauce

Sea bass £15
Whole grilled sea bass with broccoli, caper olive and cherry tomato sauce

Pizza 13″

Margherita £10
classic Margherita pizza

Quatro £12
mozzarella, cheddar, feta and parmesan

Basrah veggie delight Pizza £14
Beetroot, goat cheese, feta cheese, peppers,aubergine, mozzarella & olives

Spicy chicken pizza £14
Succulent spicy Chicken breast with peppers, jalapeno & Mozzarella.